Do the Video Games makes you more Smarter or Dumber ???

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Game & Gamer's World: Do the Games makes you more Smarter or Dumber?

Video games make you smarter and social media make you stupider. It’s not what we say, it’s what most of you believe.Did your parents ever stop you from playing video games in your childhood? I mean, my parents did ask me not to play when I was a kid because they thought it would rot my brain and make me nill. But, none of it is true.You must know that cognitive skills are mandatory for effective learning. It’s essential for human survival because it supports problem-solving, reasoning, abstract thinking, planning, complex scheming, quick-absorbing, and learning from certain experiences. Many researchers worldwide have concluded that video games increase cognitive abilities. So allow your kids to play games every once in a while with their friends.


Your reflex is an automatic reaction your body gives in response to something, without you even thinking about it. PubG, Fortnite, Mortal Kombat are the type of video games that involve some actions such as physical challenges, constant hand or eye coordination, etc. By playing such action games, you train your brain enough to respond to sudden situations.Other than that, the ethical responsibility of video games is to heighten sensitivity, just to make you aware of what is going on around you. My sister is not a fine driver. She asked our father last weekend to help her become a good one. Would you believe my father actually asked her to download Parking Mania?


This proverb teaches you to live a balanced life.Port Washington New York posted a research article on July 20th, 2020 saying: ‘three out of four, or 244 million people in the U.S play video games. They find video games a productive alternative to sitting idle at home. For some, it has become a fun distraction or a competitive sport. But, excessive playing can disturb your sleeping routine, some even say you become moody, and it disrupts your productivity span.Other than these, there is no harm in playing video games, in fact, it can become a medium of communication for introverts.


You may not let your children play games but scientists are letting pigs play on their behalf. Believe it or not but pigs at Purdue University in Indiana, US have gladly played some video games on a digital screen using a joystick.Four pigs were tested; researchers sort of allowed the animals to boast their hidden skills. A pig is an intelligent animal already but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day a pig would become clever enough to use computer joysticks.


Royal Panda is a giant in video games. The firm collaborated with some psychologists to determine if gamers have a higher IQ. To understand the myth, a four-part IQ test was conducted on 1001 gamers. Those four parts were: verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning, and visual reasoning.Before the test, each contestant was asked to share his favorite platform or most-played game. Later the study revealed that PC gamers were the smartest because they scored an IQ of 112.3. PlayStation users earned 110.7, Xbox touting 103.8, Nintendo Switch players at 101.3, and mobile gamers were the last to score 99.4.So, play puzzles, video games, and use brain training apps to exercise your brain on daily basis.

ConclusionVideo games provide a fun way to escape reality. Most of you portray them as violent, lazy, or as waste. But, that’s not the case. Just as I explained earlier, too much of everything is bad. Even too much water intake is strictly prohibited by doctors. So, if you binge play games and do nothing productive the whole day. You’re causing harm to yourself.The ethical responsibility of video games is to increase attention to detail in you. So, improve your motor, cognitive, and strategic planning skills with video games.My team loves to work, so I always encourage them to play video games because this is what intelligent people do with their free time. By intelligent I truly mean software engineers, project managers, and everybody else who takes care of software development.

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